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1 X box of 24 Units of Saizen Growth Hormone

What is Saizen and what is it used for?

Saizen 8mg is none other than a synthetic form of the human hormone GH, which proves to be an essential hormone for the growth and proper functioning of our body. Saizen has the advantage of possessing a high degree of purity, which gives it several advantages.

GH is a molecule commonly used by bodybuilders, with the aim of perfecting their physical abilities and optimizing their muscle growth.

This product is manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals laboratories, using recombinant DNA technology. It has 191 amino acids in its structure and is identical to the hormone naturally produced by the human pituitary gland. At the beginning, the use of growth hormone was reserved for the pathological cases of people suffering from deficiencies of this hormone. But very quickly, bodybuilders and athletes realized the physical benefits it could bring them and it thus became one of the products commonly used in this context.

The injection of Saizen thus makes it possible to increase the growth of skeletal muscles, to improve strength and power and to accelerate the repair process after training sessions or after accidents (muscle tears, tendonitis, etc.) . It is for all these benefits that it has become an essential product for bodybuilders and high-level athletes.

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Benefits of Saizen HGH

Saizen reproduces the effects of the natural hormone, which is produced by all human beings at the level of the pituitary gland. Its rate is also higher in children and adolescents in the growth phase. HGH Saizen acts on all cells in the body (muscle cells, tendon cells, bone cells, etc.) and promotes their growth and development. It has a stimulating action on the development of connective tissue. On the one hand, this hormone has a lipolytic action, promoting the melting of fat in the body and can thus help with cutting before competitions, on the other hand, it has a positive action on the lipid profile. This is very interesting especially when Saizen 8mg is used in combination with anabolic steroids, the majority of which exert a negative action and disturb the blood lipid levels of the user. The anabolic action of this molecule takes place via the stimulation of the synthesis of IGF-1 by the hepatic tissue.

Here is a synthetic list of the different benefits that you can derive from ingesting this molecule:

– You improve the quality of your sleep, which is essential for the process of regeneration and repair of the body.

– You lose fat and gain lean mass.

– You improve the recovery of your tissues after intensive efforts.

– You increase the strength of your bones and joints.

Saizen Side Effects

GH Saizen, like all products intended for muscle growth, has certain disadvantages, but which only become noticeable beyond a certain dose and for long periods of time.

The negative effects of Saizen are perceived especially by competitors and very high level athletes who consume this hormone for several years.

Here is a list of Saizen side effects:

– Organomegaly, the typical example of which is the increase in the size of the intestines in bodybuilders with a very advanced level.

– Abnormal bone development.

– An imbalance in blood sugar levels, with the risk of a drop in blood glucose levels and a feeling of drunkenness.

– Carpal tunnel syndrome.

– Painful joints.

Administration and Dosing

Saizen 8 mg gives very fast results thanks to its high degree of purity. The usual dosage of Saizen is between 5 IU and 16 IU spread over 24 hours. The injection of Saizen before bedtime is very important to optimize the effects of this molecule.

This daily dosage should be undertaken for a period of between 8 and 12 weeks. A period of 16 weeks is even better in order to achieve even more marked results.


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