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2MG vial


Molecular Formula
Chemical Synthesis
cjc-1295 (GRF amendment 1-29)

Effectiveness of cjc-1295 Peptides

Buy CJC 1295 Peptide at Low Price

Buying CJC 1295 with DAC is a very interesting option for people who want to gain muscle mass and lose fat mass. Indeed, CJC 1295 is a peptide analog product of growth hormone releasing hormone, also called GH-RH. It works in the same way as the latter to increase the release of growth hormone into the bloodstream. The purchase of CJC-1295 may thus be a preferable option to the administration of GH and which at the same time makes it possible to increase the serum levels of the latter. Following the binding of this compound to receptors in the pituitary, there is a release of GH with a concomitant increase in IGF-1 which can also be very significant. The resulting consequences are a significant melting of fat mass, as well as a significant gain in lean muscle mass. An improvement in performance is also expected with the administration of this product.

User Reviews

It is important to point out that CJC 1295 with dac is more suitable for people who want to boost their natural production of growth hormone, as it does not cause a maximum peak, but rather maintains fairly stable rates. In other words, this molecule aims to boost the production and natural release of the hormone. The injections of this compound can be spaced out, which makes it possible to limit the constraints on the users.

The CJC 1295 peptide is actually a modification of GH-RH.The latter has undergone changes at the level of the first 29 amino acids of the hormone and an affixing of a complex called DAC, which makes it possible to prolong the duration of action of the molecule by approximately one week, as well as to maintain fairly stable concentrations. The CJC 1295 price is great on our site and beats competition with other sites in the market. The users who have already tested it have all expressed their complete satisfaction with this product, on the one hand for the effects it produces and on the other hand for the absence of the constraints linked to repeated injections. The results obtained with this compound are spectacular, without having to resort to a special diet or intensive sports training, which is very encouraging. This product thus makes it possible to make gains in terms of lean muscle mass by allowing the formation and growth of muscle tissue cells. It also increases energy and muscle strength. Stamina is also greatly improved. Finally, we must not forget that this product has an excellent anti-aging effect.

Dosages for Beginners

The presentation of CJC 1295 peptide is a powder lyophilisate which must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water before use. The extraction of the dose, as well as the injection, is carried out using an insulin syringe. This injection is preferable by subcutaneous route. The CJC 1295 without DAC is different, in that with its relatively short duration of action, the injections must be closer together. The recommended dosage is usually 1000 mcg in a single administration, 2 times per week. It is also recommended that this compound be administered either on an empty stomach or after ingestion of protein. On the other hand, the ingestion of carbohydrates or fats close to the injection of the product can inhibit the release of growth hormone and limit the effect of the active substance.The meal should therefore at best be delayed for 15 minutes or even 30 minutes after the administration of CJC, in order to derive the maximum benefit.

The purchase of CJC 1295 is therefore a very advantageous option for people who wish to maintain stable levels of their natural production of growth hormone, because it does not cause a maximum peak. Moreover, you can find a multitude of certified products on our site. We are today the leader in the sale of anabolic products. Our prices defy all competition with other sites on the market. So you can buy Hexarelin here at the best price. Buying GHRP 6 is also very profitable here.

Adverse Effects of CJC-1295

Side effects of CJC 1295 can be seen, but these effects are minimal compared to those that can be seen with anabolic steroids. The CJC 1295 effect can thus cause pain in the joints, as well as extremely long dreams during sleep. The user may experience some weakness, but this is not at all common. The CJC 1295 peptide causes an increase in serum levels of growth hormone in the body, which causes a direct negative consequence which is acromegaly, and which must be borne in mind when using this kind of products. Thus, one can see a thickening of the skin, a worsening of the tone of the voice and an enlargement of the size of the jaws which thus become protruding and voluminous. The increase in tissue volume in internal organs, such as the heart, can in some cases cause them to malfunction or weaken.

How to Buy CJC-1295?

Buying CJC 1295 with DAC is very interesting for subjects who practice bodybuilding and top athletes, as it allows them to noticeably improve their physical performance.CJC 1295 is an analogue of a naturally occurring hormone that results in loss of fat mass with a concomitant gain in lean body mass. Its very special structure gives it a long duration of action, which means that it is not restrictive with close injections as with other products. The purchase of CJC 1295 is possible through our service. You can thus add it to your basket and proceed after the validation of the basket to the payment which is 100% secure and reliable. Your order will reach you as soon as possible thanks to our quality service.


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