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10 x vials of 10 Units of Generic Growth Hormone. Kit of 100 Units. MR PHARMA Blue Cap

High Blue HGH: real or fake?

Blue top HGH is a generic version of growth hormone. The latter is in fact a hormone produced by the body of human beings, which participates in several functions of growth and repair of all the cells of the body. The Generic HGH Kit will allow you to improve the growth of your lean mass and at the same time reduce the level of fat in your body. With this component, you will be able to optimize your regeneration and repair processes, especially after intense efforts or training sessions.

It is important to respect the doses when you undertake HGH with blue top, because high doses can be responsible for negative consequences on your organism and on your performance.

Generic Blue Top HGH without label: use, doses, duration

HGH is a component that should be used in accordance with strict recommendations, in order to avoid harmful consequences.

Generally, generic human growth hormone is administered by injection.

Thus, the dose to be injected daily depends on the objective of its use and the gender of the user.

If you take it in order to reduce the level of fat in your body and to obtain better qualities of regeneration, 2 to 4 IU daily is generally sufficient for the majority of users.

On the other hand, if you want to benefit from its advantages on the growth of lean mass, you must undertake a daily dosage between 6 and 8 IU.

Women should not exceed the range of 1-2 IU per day.

Doses higher than indicated doses are not recommended and may cause health problems.

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How to Buy Human Growth Hormones with Blue Top

Purchasing Blue Top HGH Kit 100 IU is very easy on our site and guarantees you will get the best quality items.

The cost of generic HGH is very attractive on our site and defies all competitors in the market.

Of course, you can find blue top HGH for sale on other online sites, but nowadays counterfeit products are more and more prevalent and you may lose your money or use counterfeit products, which will be harmful to your health, if you do not buy from a reliable seller as is the case with our site.


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