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GENOTROPIN: Introduction

HGH GENOTROPIN 12mg is the brand name of synthetically produced human growth hormone or human GH commonly used in people with GH deficiency. In the majority of cases, the body naturally synthesizes adequate levels of GH for health and well-being. GENOTROPIN from Pfizer is also a product frequently used by athletes and bodybuilders, due to its benefits for muscle development and physical strength.

The hypothalamus is the first control of our body, thus maintaining its balance on several levels: heart function, sleep, body temperature and many other physiological functions. The latter secretes two hormones involved in the synthesis of human GH: GHRH (GH-releasing hormone), also known as somatocrinine or somatoliberin, and GHIH or somatostatin (hormone inhibiting GH release). These two hormones act on the hypophyseal pituitary gland located at the base of the brain, to stimulate or inhibit the synthesis and secretion of human GH. GHRH is itself stimulated by lower blood sugar, deep sleep, stress, and exercise, leading to growth hormone spikes. The secretion of the latter also shows peaks at night, after the sleep phase, and daytime peaks under the influence of stimuli. GH released by the pituitary gland binds to specific receptors on the cell surface and thus performs metabolic and growth functions. It thus makes it possible to initiate protein anabolism, to mobilize lipid reserves and to increase glycaemia. Both osteogenesis and chondrogenesis are stimulated via the IGF1 factor.Apart from these functions, it has undeniable cell growth and rejuvenation functions. HGH GENOTROPIN is thus a product that can bring many benefits for athletes and bodybuilders, but it must always be handled with care and taking into account the benefit/side effects ratio. On our site, recognized as the number 1 leader in the sale of anabolic products and steroids, our customers can buy growth hormone in a very simple and secure way.

How To Use GENOTROPIN During The Cycle?

GENOTROPIN 36 IU is a hormone that generates several assets during a cycle and allows bodybuilders to gain spectacular muscle mass.

GENOTROPIN can have a variable use depending on the objectives. For bodybuilders or athletes who want to lose fat, HGH GENOTROPIN 12 mg is associated with thyroid hormone, as well as anabolics and insulin. However, the addition of insulin is not trivial and can have unexpected acute complications for its users. Generally, the protocol followed is that of the association of GENOTROPIN with anabolic steroids, since these two products have synergistic effects and their association makes it possible to reduce the dose of anabolic steroids, in order to avoid as much as possible the occurrence of side effects. secondary.

GENOTROPIN Results: Before and After

HGH GENOTROPIN is used nowadays by many professional athletes and by bodybuilding and bodybuilding enthusiasts. This explains why today's players are much bigger, faster and stronger than those of 20 years ago. Indeed GENOTROPIN from Pfizer 36 IU brings several benefits, both physically and metabolically. Thus, it intervenes by accelerating the growth of muscle tissue and improving the strength of bones, joints and tendons.The physical appearance is therefore better and recovery is faster thanks to greater cell regeneration. Various studies have shown that GENOTROPIN causes both an increase in the size of muscle cells (hypertrophy) and an increase in their number (hyperplasia). This double effect makes it possible to obtain more or less permanent muscle gains because of the creation of new muscle cells which will remain more or less indefinitely.

Injectable GENOTROPIN thus makes it possible to significantly increase physical endurance and the level of performance. Metabolically, it improves blood cholesterol levels and increases energy levels, which allows the loss of fat mass. It also brings benefits on the libido, the immune system and on the quality of sleep.

Dosages that Avoid Side Effects

Human GH comes in the form of 12 mg of injectable HGH GENOTROPIN. Its injection is facilitated by the graduations of its syringe, which allows easy and simple handling, even for beginners. The dosage of GENOTROPIN strongly depends on the objectives of the user and his degree of performance. Of course, you must always bear in mind the benefit/risk ratio, so as not to engage in dosages higher than the recommended dosages. Thus, if GENOTROPIN from Pfizer is used as an anti-aging product, 1 to 2 IU taken daily is sufficient. For fat loss, 3-4 IU can be taken daily. Finally, and in order to gain muscle mass, the dosage is between 6 IU and 8 IU taken all at once or divided into two doses 6 days a week, ie in the morning and in the evening, with a stop on the 7th day. Of course, the cycle must last between 4 and 6 months to give noticeable results at the muscular level.

List of Positive and Side Effects

Human GH thus provides many benefits for athletes and bodybuilders who want to gain in physical condition, such as:

  • The growth of muscle tissue
  • Body cell regeneration, healing and re-growth
  • fat loss
  • The drop in blood cholesterol levels

Before ordering the product, we would like to inform you of the side effects of GENOTROPIN which make it a product that must be handled with care and taking into account the contraindications, as well as the benefit/risk ratio. Indeed, GENOTROPIN can cause, in certain cases, although uncommon, certain undesirable effects. Here is the list:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Swelling of the arms, as well as the legs
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • A development of breast tissue in men, known as gynecomastia
  • An increased risk of onset of diabetes, due to its dose-dependent diabetogenic effect and certain cardiac pathologies
  • An increase in the size of internal organs, such as the stomach and intestines
  • A depletion of the body in potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Supplementation with these minerals is therefore highly recommended.
  • A disturbance of circulating levels of thyroid hormones (mainly T3). However, this effect remains dose-dependent and is generally only seen with doses of human GH higher than the recommended doses.


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