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1 x Vial HMG peptides 75ui

What is Human Menopausal Gonadotropin?

Human menopausal gonadotropin, or hMG, is an injectable fertility drug that contains equal amounts of FSH and LH, sold under several brand names, including Menopur.

The LH and FSH in these medications come from the urine of postmenopausal women who produce hormones in significant amounts. The urine is thus extracted and purified, then used to manufacture injectable drugs.

These hormones are commonly used medically to induce ovulation in women with several conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, and pituitary conditions (the pituitary gland is the gland that normally produces LH and FSH). hMG injections are given intramuscularly.

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Positive effects of hMG 75 iu

hMG drugs are indicated in women for the purpose of treating infertility situations.

For bodybuilders, it is usually used for a certain period at the end of a standard steroid cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is a must for bodybuilders after an anabolic steroid cycle ends.

Indeed, and in order to maintain the strength and muscle gains acquired following a long anabolic cycle, the hormonal level should be brought back to its basic state. This is essential.

This is where human menopausal gonadotropin fits.

The difference between HCG and hMG is that HCG mimics the action of LH and tricks the body into believing that LH is present and everything is going normally.

By taking hMG 75 ui you increase your normal LH level.In addition, it can increase the level of FSH, which HCG does not. This is particularly interesting for male fertility.

hMG Injection Dosage (Menopur)

In cases of anovulatory infertility, the hMG dosage should be adjusted until an adequate response is obtained. Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of 75 to 150 iu is the most common.

In the field of bodybuilding, most bodybuilders recommend a very low injection dose of Menopur 75 iu. A single injection of 75 IU is quite common. Bodybuilders can even use the contents of the bottle twice, over two days. Please consult your doctor for information on exact dosages.

The product should preferably be stored at room temperature between 15°C and 30°C and away from light.

This molecule is contraindicated in patients with an allergy to hMG or to one of the constituents present in the formula.

There are other contraindications to the use of this compound: tumors of the pituitary or hypothalamic gland, testicular tumors or prostate cancer.

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