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The medicine Lasix

Lasix is ​​the trade name of a molecule with a diuretic action used mainly in the treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease (congestive heart failure), as well as in the management of certain oedemas.

Indeed, the active ingredient of this drug, furosemide is a diuretic of the loop of Henlé (part of the renal nephron). In other words, it acts at the level of the ascending loop of Henlé, unlike thiazide diuretics. The latter are often used to treat high blood pressure while loop diuretics can also be used very well in patients with kidney failure.

Lasix 40 can be used in different pathological situations in medicine: hypertension, renal failure, hepatic cirrhosis, severe hypercalcemia, etc. It is also very effective in reducing edema, which is a kind of abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body.

It has also been used for a long time in racehorses, in order to prevent the occurrence of bleeding from the nasal passages during races.

Uses and positive effects of this drug

The drug Lasix works by eliminating, via the urinary tract, water and salt from the body. Indeed, water, salt and other substances contained in the blood are continuously filtered through the kidneys and thus pass into the tubules of the nephron. Most of these molecules return to the bloodstream via a reabsorption mechanism, before the fluid becomes urine and is excreted through the collecting duct into the ureters to end up in the bladder.

Diuretic drugs act on this mechanism.Lasix, the trade name for furosemide, blocks the absorption of sodium, chloride, and water from filtered fluid in the renal tubules, resulting in increased urine output (diuresis). In other words, it increases the urinary excretion of water and salt.

In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, athletes use Lasix to lose weight shortly before competitions. By ridding the body of excess water and salt, it helps give a harder, well-defined appearance and dries out the body.

Dosage and Administration of Lasix 40mg Tablets

There are two versions of furosemide: an injectable version and an oral version. The injectable version acts very quickly after the injection of the product with a diuresis which lasts approximately 2 hours. The oral form works within an hour and has a sustained effect over 6-8 hours.

In classical medicine, the dosage of Lasix strongly depends on the therapeutic indication, the field of application of the patient himself and his weight. Normally, this dose varies between 20 and 80 mg per day, and can be administered “in flash” to induce rapid diuresis, especially in emergency states. In case of severe oedemas, one can go up to 600 mg.

Generally, bodybuilders use the oral form of the drug Lasix, but some will opt for injections the morning of the competition.

It is important to know how to take this drug molecule, in order to avoid losing muscle volume by reducing blood vascularization. In the event of a significant decrease in blood vascularization, following the administration of Lasix for weight loss, the bodybuilder could compensate for this by injecting a glucose solution intravenously.

Undertaking the treatment gradually allows you to know the appropriate dose, otherwise Lasix can become counterproductive and cause the opposite effect of what is expected.

It is therefore recommended to start with a daily dose of 10 to 20 mg and to increase very gradually to the tolerance threshold. Abuse of this drug can lead to serious effects and even to death.

Since Lasix somehow causes some potassium depletion (leakage of potassium in the urine), it can be combined with a potassium-sparing diuretic, such as aldactone. A popular combo among bodybuilders combines 50 mg of aldactone daily with 20 mg of Lasix.

Lasix Side Effects

Furosemide is a diuretic that can cause side effects. These can be mild or even more serious. Follow the dosages recommended by your doctor, so as not to run unnecessary risks to your health.

Here is the list of the most common side effects of Lasix:

  • Dizziness
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness
  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Disturbance of blood circulation
  • Hypokalemia (low potassium level in the blood)
  • Dehydration

Of course, other more serious side effects can occur with this drug. Find out by talking to your doctor about the risks and the precautions to take.

Warnings and Precautions for Furosemide 40 MG

Lasix is ​​a diuretic that must be handled with great caution, because of the risks it can cause and which can lead to death.

It is not recommended to use this drug if you are a beginner in bodybuilding. By using diuretics, several bodybuilders have had very serious complications and some have died outright.

While using Lasix 40mg pills, you should be aware of the risk of hypokalemia (low blood potassium level) and thus have potassium tablets available. These too should be handled with great care.Consult your doctor to prescribe the exact dose.

If you want to take Lasix 40 to lose weight, you should also know that given the increase in diuresis during the hours after taking it, you should have a nearby toilet for your comfort.


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