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2MG vial

MGF 2mg Peptide: Summary

The "mechano growth factor" is a peptide responsible for the reconstruction of muscle tissue, it is quite similar to igf 1. igf 1 is a hormone that affects almost all cells in the human body and it is without a doubt one of the most powerful and among the most anabolic. It is mainly produced by the liver and its production depends on growth hormone. It should be known that there are a large number of peptides used for various purposes. At the level of bodybuilding, it is essentially ghrh which are used, that is to say peptides which stimulate growth hormone, and peptides such as igf 1 and mgf which directly depend on the production of 'growth hormones. There are also peptides that promote healing such as tb 500. Of course, these peptides can be combined together: igf 1 can be associated with mgf, however you have to be rigorous and know how to use them. Mgf is available from us in the form of 2mg vials to be reconstituted preferably with bacteriostatic water to keep it as long as possible. To buy mgf online or simply buy peptides in France, you just have to place an order on our website and choose all the products you are interested in. Once you have made your choice, you can proceed to payment via one of the four choices available to you: payment by bitcoins, by money transfer wu or money gram or by simple bank transfer. We strongly recommend payment by bitcoins: it is the fastest and most secure, it is completely anonymous and free of charge. Your package will be shipped upon receipt of payment, directly from a country in the European Union.All of our packages are carefully and discreetly packed, so that they arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. Delivery times are generally one week, sometimes less. Any package that does not arrive at its destination will of course be reshipped at our expense.

Cycle Information

Mgf should be used in cycles, preferably over 4 weeks, as the body adapts quickly. A starting dose would be 200mcg to be injected directly into worked muscles after training. The dose can be increased without limit, it's all a matter of budget. It is of course preferable to combine this peptide with other molecules, to have better results, and in particular anabolics, but also the use of igf 1 jointly can provide good results, however, the protocols are quite different and they should not be used at the same time, since they would cancel their effects between them. Thus, we can take the example of a testosterone cycle of 12 weeks to which we will add the use of mgf peptide 2mg during the first 4 and the last 4 weeks. Of course, just like anabolics, diet remains the key element to any progress. Mgf helps rebuild muscle tissue, however without nutrition it will not be able to rebuild effectively. This product does not require any follow-up, it is sold in the form of vials containing a powder to be reconstituted and kept in the fridge. To purchase mechano growth factors in France, simply go through our website.

Dosages for Beginners

Whether for anabolics or for any other hormone, the appropriate dosage will depend on several factors: weight is surely the most important factor, but we can add to this the age and the number of years of training the individual.For the mgf for a beginner, start at 100-200mcg per muscle worked directly after the session, at this dosage, we may possibly observe gains, but they will remain quite minimal, of course, this peptide will not give you gains as dramatic as those induced by anabolics, moreover, in some cases the gains will be minimal. On the contrary, the most judicious would be to combine it with anabolics and other peptides such as ghrh, in order to increase and promote anabolism. A beginner can very well do a simple testosterone and dianabol cycle or even just testosterone and add the use of mgf combined with ghrp 6 + cjc1295 at night: this will allow very good gains that can easily be maintained. You can buy mgf from several websites that offer it, however, you are not sure you are getting a quality product. Buying mechano growth factor is quite easy, but determining if the product is good or not is not. This is why by going through our services you are guaranteed to have a product of superior quality and safe to use.


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