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400mg/ml Boldenone Undecylenate

Buy Boldenone Online

Buying Boldenone 400 on our site is very easy and 100% secure. This anabolic steroid marketed as Equipoise is oil-based for injection. In its structure there is an affixing of an ester that allows prolonging the effects of Equipoise by lengthening the release time of its active ingredient. 400mg of Boldenone is the injectable form that is currently on the market. This derivative of testosterone has an anabolic rating equivalent to its progenitor Testosterone. On the other hand, its androgenic effect is reduced. It should be noted that this molecule was initially used in the veterinary field and later gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes, because of its both androgenic and reduced estrogenic effects. It is not in the same class as Nandrolone which is a 19 nor steroid and belongs to the class of progestins. But the two compounds can substitute for each other during a given cycle. This product was developed in 1949 even before Dianabol, and became the first derivative of testosterone to be developed. Dianabol itself is somewhere an oral form of Boldenone. Following its development by the company Ciba, Boldenone will not be marketed and available on the market until 1960. Its medical use was initially directed towards the treatment of cases of osteoporosis, as well as pathologies leading to significant weight loss. Then, and since the first form of the product to appear on the market was withdrawn, the laboratories marketed it under another name, this time targeting the veterinary field as the main user.It is still available today on the American market and the international market under different names and several generic brands. On our site, you can also get it at a price that defies all competition with other sites. You will also find other steroids for sale at very attractive prices.

Main Benefits of Boldenone

As specified above, Boldenone is a synthetic derivative of testosterone to which double bonds have been added. This structural modification is responsible for the benefits of Equipoise, in the sense that the molecule becomes resistant to the action of aromatase. Indeed, the aromatase enzyme is an enzyme which, by binding to androgenic steroids, transforms part of them into the female hormone, estrogen. These are responsible for the binding effects of androgens, such as water retention and gynecomastia. Therefore, the estrogenic effects of 400mg of Boldenone may have the equivalent of the estrogenic effects of a much smaller amount of Testosterone. In other words, this molecule will still convert into estrogen for a small part, but this is done in a lesser proportion, thus generating a weak estrogenic activity. It should also be noted that these binding effects increase with the dose of Boldenone used. The higher this dose, the greater the rate of aromatization of the compound.

The positive effects of Boldenone Undecylenate are also linked to the affixing of the ester which prolongs its half-life, by prolonging the release time of the active ingredient. Thus, its half-life is about 14 days, which is very remarkable and at the same time very advantageous.

Another huge advantage of this compound is that it has a low androgenic score, which should be reassuring for some people who are markedly sensitive to androgenic effects.

Therefore, with this product, the user will experience gains in muscle mass and physical strength similar to those caused by testosterone, but with less frequent and much weaker estrogenic and androgenic effects. Muscle mass gains are solid and water retention is at a very low rate. Finally, this product can be a substitution for Nandrolone during a cycle.

Information on Cycle Dosages

Boldenone cycle is generally used for lean mass gain and involves the concomitant use of testosterone, often in its enanthate or cypionate form. The cycles are longer than the cycles with other compounds, because its long half-life means that one can only reach the peak concentration and the desired effects after a good time of use. Boldenone 400 dosage ranges between 300-500mg per week for beginners and ranges between 500-700mg per week for intermediate levels of use. Female individuals will find this compound ideal due to the minimization of virilizing effects, in comparison to other anabolic steroids. For this purpose, 50 to 75 mg per week would be an appropriate dosage. The method of administration is 2 injections per week of half the total weekly dose. On our site you can buy Anavar in France.

The beginner level:

Testosterone Enanthate can be used at a dose of 300 to 500 mg weekly with 400 mg of Equipoise. The total duration of the cycle is about 14 weeks. This process can provide a considerable gain in lean mass over the long term. On our site you will also find Boldenone 250 mg.

The intermediate level:

Three compounds can be combined: EQ at a dose of 400 to 600 mg weekly, Testosterone Enanthate at 100 mg in order to maintain normal physiological function and Dianabol at a dosage of 25 mg per day for the first 4 weeks.The duration of the cycle is 12 weeks.

The advanced level:

EQ can be used in doses greater than 600 mg per week. 100 mg weekly of Testosterone will be associated with it. Finally, Trenbolone Enanthate is associated with 400 mg weekly. The cycle will last 12 weeks.

Buying Boldenone can be done at all levels. One can buy Primobolan in France here.

Adverse Effects of Boldenone 400

Even though Boldenone has less estrogenic activity than Tetosterone itself, these effects still exist, especially with high doses of the product. Thus, the magnitude of estrogen-associated side effects of Boldenone should be significantly lower than testosterone, but it is important to note that its estrogenic activity is even higher than Nandrolone. Adverse effects of 400mg Boldenone Undecylenate thus include water retention, bloating, increased blood pressure, fat retention and development of breast tissue also known as gynecomastia. These effects can be avoided with the concomitant use of anti-oestrogens, especially if the doses used are large. Equipoise also interacts with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which transforms it into Dihydroboldenone with consequent generation of androgenic effects. These effects are constituted by the hypersecretion of sebum by the skin with the development of acne, the growth of facial and body hair, as well as the risk of developing male pattern baldness, especially if the person in question is subject to a genetic predisposition. . Finally, another consequence can be caused following the use of this compound, which is the inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis with the suppression of the endogenous production of testosterone.Before buying Boldenone 400 you should be aware of these risks, although they do not occur in all people and are also dependent on the characteristics of each user.

Rules on How to Inject

Boldenone Undecylenate is administered over 2 injections per week due to its long half-life. Boldenone 400 is a very good product for long-term muscle mass gain. Subcutaneous injection is the most common. Purchasing Boldenone 400 is simple and secure on our site.


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