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Buy Clomid 50mg Tablets

Clomid is a molecule from the family of anti-estrogen compounds. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. In other words, this molecule binds competitively to estrogen receptors present on the surface of cells and thus prevents female hormones from producing their effects. Its action is antagonistic on certain target tissues, such as the breast tissue, the development of which it prevents and thus makes it possible to fight against gynecomastia, which can appear following the intake of aromatizable anabolic steroids. On the other hand, it has agonist effects on bones, cholesterol levels and the liver. In reality, it acts in the same way as Nolvadex. Anti-aromatases have a completely different mechanism, since they act at the level of the aromatase enzyme and produce its inactivation, which makes it possible to inhibit the aromatization of steroids into estrogens. Purchasing Clomid is quite simple compared to many other products, since it is very affordable and is available on the black market and the pharmaceutical market. Buying online is the most common and easiest way for users. Even if this product is rarely counterfeited and is generally of very good quality, one should be wary before buying Clomid 50 mg in pills, because it may be underdosed products which do not thus give the expected results. On our site you can get it at a very attractive price. Here you will also find the best oral anabolic steroid.

Clomid Dosage for Men

Buying Clomid in France is very interesting for bodybuilders and performers, because it can be used in two ways.For the first, it is an anti-estrogen which helps to fight against the consequences of the aromatization of steroids into female hormones. As for the second, the most advantageous way, it is to use it as a post-cycle product, in order to "reboost" the natural production of testosterone which tends to decrease or even disappear under cycle. The dosage of Clomid is 50 to 100 mg per day in one dose, in the morning or in two doses. There is no point in exceeding the recommended human Clomid dosage. In post-cycle, the duration of taking is 21 to 30 days. On this site you can buy Nolvadex in France.

Clomid cycle

It is known that to get maximum benefit from the cycle properties of Clomid, it is more interesting to use it in post-cycle therapy. The most popular protocol combines Clomid, HCG and Nolvadex following a cycle of steroids. This is spread over several weeks and thus makes it possible to relaunch the endogenous production of testosterone. You can buy Clomid 50 mg from this site at a great price. Purchasing Clomid and Nolvadex is a must for any user, especially one who undertakes high doses of anabolic steroids.


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