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500mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate



Buy Injectable Testosterone

Injectable Testosterone is an esterified form of testosterone with affixed enanthate ester. Testosterone is a male hormone produced normally and naturally in all human beings. It is a product very commonly used by bodybuilders and top athletes for its performance-enhancing and lean-building qualities. Its handling is simple and easy, even for novice users. The ester affixed in its structure significantly prolongs its half-life up to 10 days, causing serum levels to remain elevated for 2-3 weeks. It is one of the safest anabolic steroids currently on the market. It is versatile and its use is very flexible. The purchase of Testosterone for bodybuilding is very advantageous on our site, because you will find a very advantageous price by comparing with the other sites. Our site is today the best site for selling steroids. Our products are 100% safe from certified laboratories and payment is very simple and secure.

Testosterone Dosage for Beginners

The initial indication of Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg was the treatment of cases of insufficient endogenous secretion of testosterone. Indeed, testosterone deficiency has several consequences including insomnia, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, as well as other serious pathologies, such as diabetes, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. The use of testosterone for bodybuilding is the second use of this steroid. This versatile steroid provides performance enhancement by acting on multiple levels.The dosage of Testosterone in the medical field is 250mg every 2-4 weeks. This product can be used either during bulking cycles, because it allows you to gain significant lean mass, or during cutting cycles for its lean mass preserving qualities. 300-500mg weekly is the recommended dosage for first-time users for a cycle length of 10-12 weeks. An association with Dianabol for the first 6 weeks is also a good alternative to boost the cycle.

Buying testosterone online is the most common option to get this product. You can also find Trenbolone Enanthate on our site at a very profitable price.

Buy Testosterone Injection in France

Buying Testosterone injection is thus one of the most common and effective solutions before starting a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle, because this compound is one of the most effective and best tolerated steroids by the body, because it is naturally produced by the body. Testosterone is very versatile and can be used regardless of training level. The purchase of Testosterone for men can thus be done via our site, in order to avoid falling into scams or on poor quality products or simply under-dosed. Our payment platform is very easy to use. After the validation of your basket and payment, your order will reach you as soon as possible thanks to our high quality services.


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