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60 Tabs of 25MG Proviron / Bayer

Proviron 25mg Tablets: Summary

Proviron by Bayer Schering is the trade name for an androgen known as Mesterolone. It is an oral product that is not really considered an anabolic steroid, because its anabolic activity is known to be so weak that it could be considered practically non-existent. Proviron was first developed by Schering in 1934, making it one of the oldest steroids manufactured and marketed for medical use. After commercialization, two other products appeared: Methyltestosterone in 1935 and Testosterone Propionate in 1937. Of course, Methyltestosterone and Testosterone Propionate were more successful than Proviron 25mg, due to the fact that these two anabolic steroid were shown to be very strong anabolic agents, while the latter was not.

Although Proviron is considered to be a very old drug, it remains one of the best to have proven its medical effectiveness, as well as its safety and high tolerance by patients. Its use for medical purposes was first indicated in the decline of sexual functions in men, due to the drop in the level of androgens, libido disorders and cases of male infertility.

The various studies conducted for decades have shown that Proviron is a drug that helps improve male fertility, unlike other anabolic and androgenic steroids which are known to cause temporary infertility when consumed. Indeed, Proviron helps provide the androgenic effects necessary to stimulate spermatogenesis.

Schering still markets Mesterolone under the name Proviron worldwide to this day. It was also sold under various other names (Pluriviron and Vistimon in Germany, Restore in India). It is also important to point out that Proviron has never been approved for medical prescription in the United States.

Proviron is a modified derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the addition of a methyl group on its first carbon (1-methyl dihydrotestosterone). As mentioned earlier, it is an extremely weak anabolic, which is why Proviron is almost always referred to as an androgen (or androgenic steroid). Studies have demonstrated the reason for its weak anabolic effects: it shares a similar property with its parent compound (DHT), it is rapidly metabolized and broken down into inactive metabolites, once it enters muscle tissue under the enzymatic action. This has always been the problem with dihydrotestosterone itself. Once it enters muscle tissue, the enzyme 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (where it is in very high concentrations in muscle tissue) attaches to it and renders it inactive, turning it into a compound that does not has no anabolic effects. This is the real reason for the weak anabolic effects of Proviron. False rumors regarding the weak anabolic nature of Proviron have circulated among the bodybuilding communities that Proviron blocks androgen receptors in muscle tissues, which is completely untrue and has no scientific basis.

The purchase of Proviron is very popular in the world of bodybuilding for the many benefits it brings.

Results: Before and After

Buying Proviron online is very advantageous, because it brings several advantages and benefits to athletes and bodybuilders, who want to build muscle mass.

Taking 25 mg of Proviron per day, combined with other anabolic steroids, thus makes it possible to amplify the anabolic action of the latter, thanks to its strong affinity for SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is a protein which binds to anabolic steroids in the blood and renders them inactive.

Mesterolone has another well-known benefit, which is its ability to act as an aromatase inhibitor. It should be noted, however, that its activity as an aromatase inhibitor is not considered strong, as is the case with Aromasin, Arimidex or Letrozole, but it still works and can be used as such.

How to Use Proviron?

Since Mesterolone has extremely weak anabolic effects, it is not used in cycles. It is normally used as an ancillary compound, as an addition to anabolic steroid cycles, to minimize or lessen the effects of estrogen on the body.
When used as an accessory, male athletes and bodybuilders can consume Proviron in the dosage of 50-100mg per day. Some people prefer to administer Proviron as a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) drug, in order to reduce estrogen levels and increase fertility. While it can be done, there are better compounds with similar, but more potent effects for post cycle therapy. It is thus advisable to avoid the use of Proviron 25mg for PCT unless there are no other options available.

In the medical field, for the treatment of hypoandrogenism, a single tablet of 25 mg taken three times a day (for a total of 75 mg per day) is used at the beginning of treatment, followed by a reduction in the dose more later up to a single 25 mg tablet per day.In the treatment of male infertility, the same doses are normally used, although other fertility-enhancing drugs are also included with Proviron.

In the case of bodybuilders and athletes, Proviron is usually used between 50 to 150 mg per day, to control estrogen levels, reduce water retention (caused by estrogen), or increase fertility following completion of a steroid cycle.

Although Proviron is not approved for use in women, some in the athletic and bodybuilding community choose to use it. In this case, a single dose of Proviron of 25 mg per day is sufficient in order to modify the appearance of the physique. This should be done for a maximum of 4 to 5 weeks, to avoid the effects of


Proviron Vs. Arimidex

Proviron is taken at a dosage of 50 to 150 mg per day by bodybuilders and bodybuilders to counteract the negative estrogenic effects caused by the aromatization of circulating androgens, through its aromatase inhibitory activity. The comparison between Proviron and Arimidex allows us to conclude that their anti-estrogen activity is similar from the point of view of functioning, however Arimidex has the most powerful action. Buying Proviron through our site is very simple and secure, just like other products, such as Winstrol. Our products defy all competition in terms of quality and safety.

Proviron Side Effects List

We would like to point out the contraindications and effects of Proviron, in order to guarantee the safety of our customers.

Proviron 25 mg is indeed contraindicated in cases of hepatic porphyria, hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to one of the product's excipients, prostate cancer and heart, liver or kidney failure.

Side effects of Proviron can be observed in some uncommon cases, in the following systems:

  • nervous: agitation, amnesia, anxiety, aggression, asthenia, headache, impaired concentration, depression, balance disorder, insomnia, nervousness, vertigo, paresthesia, dizziness
  • cutaneous: acne, hair loss, rash, erythema, excessive sweating, pruritus, seborrhoea
  • musculoskeletal: arthralgia, arthritis, muscle cramps, myalgia
  • gastrointestinal: diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth
  • hepatobiliary: cholestasis, jaundice
  • metabolic: weight loss, increased appetite, edema and weight gain
  • genitourinary: erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, urinary retention
  • cardiovascular: high blood pressure, stroke, palpitations
  • respiratory: apnea, nasal congestion, change in voice timbre


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