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Buy T3 Cytomel From Uni Pharma Online

Cytomel t3 (liothyronine sodium) is the synthetic form of the hormone T3 that you can buy, responsible for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, but also for many physiological processes in the body (virtually all: temperature, heart rate, growth, etc). In the world of bodybuilding, T3 is particularly known and used as a fat burner, often combined with clenbuterol, it attacks both fatty tissue and muscle tissue, so the majority of users pair it with anabolics to protect muscle mass. T3 is a thyroid hormone that is produced via a pro-hormone: T4. For 100mcg of T4, we have about 25mcg of T3. The biggest bodybuilders use this hormone, which they often combine with anabolics and growth hormones, as well as insulin: this allows incredible gains in muscle mass, while lowering the rate of fat mass. T3, at low doses, also promotes muscle anabolism. T3 cytomel from Uni Pharma is a synthetic hormone developed by a large pharmaceutical laboratory, it is not an underground product. Synthetic thyroid hormones such as T3 or T4 directly affect the thyroid gland, which is an extremely sensitive gland, so it is important to handle and adjust the dosage of these products correctly, using blood tests (especially tsh ), in order to know precisely the reaction of your body to the dose that you administer to yourself. Do not hesitate to have a doctor follow you if you have trouble setting up a protocol.

How To Use Cytomel T3 Effectively?

T3 cytomel, which you can buy from us to be the most effective in bodybuilding, must first be used with testosterone and/or anabolics, the higher the dose of T3 cytomel, the higher the dose of testosterone needed to preserve the muscle will have to be significant. Add to that growth hormone and insulin and you have a formidable cycle, however, this remains reserved for high level users, even professional bodybuilders. For someone with little experience, the use of T3 associated with clenbuterol and testosterone can significantly lower the rate of body fat. Although this hormone influences protein biosynthesis, it is still used most often during cutting cycles. The Uni Pharma triiodothyronine dosage is important, depending on your goal it will vary. In case you only want a slight fat loss, i.e. slow but steady, a dosage of 12.5-25mcg per day is more than enough and will result in little or no fat loss. natural production. For someone who wants more serious and faster fat loss, the dosage will be increased to 50-75mcg, or even 100mcg in some cases. The loss of fat will be radical, however, it will be necessary to use anabolics to protect the muscle tissue. As for the duration of the cycle, it is advisable to limit it to 8-12 weeks and take breaks thereafter. Although no study demonstrates a permanent suppression of the production by the thyroid gland, as a precaution one will avoid its continuous use. Like T3, Uni Pharma's T4 thyroxine hormone is also available for sale from us.

Main Benefits

T3 cytomel 25mcg is a great hormone that you can buy in France and which allows you to accelerate the metabolism, and above all to easily burn adipose tissue.It is surely the most effective fat burner that exists, to the point where the metabolism is so accelerated that it can even attack the muscles. It is therefore strongly advised to combine its use with anabolics, in order to preserve the muscle. Finally, this is still debated and lacks clear scientific evidence, but some assume that triiodothyronine T3 promotes anabolism: when combined with anabolic steroids, the body uses different nutrients better, cytomel T3 promotes metabolism, this would therefore increase the anabolic power of steroids.

Side effects

The t3 cytomel remains a fairly well tolerated hormone in terms of side effects. Apart from the fact that it strongly attacks muscle tissue, if anabolics are not used, you may experience fevers, headaches, but also palpitations and sweats. Most of the side effects only appear in an overdose, therefore if you want to buy T3 cytomel online, you should know that in general it is advisable to increase the dose gradually while controlling the state of his thyroid using blood tests. Very high doses can be potentially dangerous for the heart in the long term. In terms of the suppression of natural production, it seems that whatever the duration of use, this does not interfere with the resumption of natural production. However, in some studies, although production resumed after a cycle of T3, the natural level only returned to the low limit, so it is best to limit your cycles and take breaks. As with any pharmaceutical product, the side effects of T3 cytomel 25mcg should not be taken lightly.

How To Buy T3 Cytomel?

The purchase of T3 cytomel in France can only be done in pharmacies and a medical prescription is required for this, however, you can still obtain this product on the internet. Most of the websites often only offer counterfeit or poor quality medicines. With thyroid hormones like T3, the dosage is extremely important: the amount of product per tablet must match exactly what is actually inside, otherwise you may face problems. Unfortunately, the "underground" laboratories often do not have the means to produce tablets dosed with mcg and therefore offer a T3 dosed approximately. With us, no risk, you can buy T3 cytomel, an original product manufactured by Uni Pharma in the form of boxes of 90 tablets dosed at 25mcg at a very good price. To buy it, it will be necessary to add it to your order and confirm the basket. Once this is done, you can then proceed to payment and send us the funds via the method of your choice (however, we recommend bitcoin payment: it will not cost you any fees, it is fast, secure and completely anonymous). As soon as the funds are received, we will carefully prepare your package and ship it directly from the Eurozone, so that it is delivered to you within approximately one week. In some cases where the package is not delivered (postal error or loss of package), we undertake to resend it at our expense. For any questions, you can send us an e-mail via our support available 7 days a week.


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