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T4 Thyroid Hormone from Uni-Pharma: Introduction

Hormone T4 is the equivalent of levothyroxine, a synthetic version of thyroxine, a hormone naturally produced by the body by the thyroid and playing an important role in energy metabolism. T4 is produced in the body by acting as a pro-hormone, its purpose is to be converted into T3. It is a product that has several functions and is originally used to treat hypothyroidism, however, in view of its effects on the metabolism, its use was quickly diverted and used more particularly in bodybuilding and in users anabolic steroids. During a cycle of anabolics, it is possible that in certain individuals molecules lower the activity of the person's thyroid, this is also the case with growth hormone, so side effects follow. . To overcome this problem, it is therefore necessary to make use of T3 cytomel or T4, however, this gland reacts differently depending on the person. It is therefore essential to combine the use of these hormones with several blood tests, in order to adjust the dose as well as possible. You can easily get these hormones from our website. Usually sold in pharmacies under prescription, they are available from us at a very competitive price. It is of course a pharmaceutical quality product, so you are guaranteed to have molecules dosed very precisely and without any danger for its user. To get some, you just have to go through our website and place an order. Several payment choices will be offered and all our packages are shipped from the European Union, in order to be delivered to you as quickly as possible, generally within a week.T4 is sold at a dosage of 200mcg in boxes of 90 tablets.

Cytomel T3 Vs T4: Which is Better?

There are several things to know about the use of thyroid hormones. T3 cytomel acts much stronger than T4: 100mg of T4 converts into 25mcg of T3, it also acts faster. The use of T3, to the detriment of T4, has been done for several years already, in particular in combination with clenbuterol for cutting and growth hormone, however, it should be noted that according to certain studies, the use of T4 would potentiate growth hormone. The principle being that using T4 instead of T3 allows the body to perform the whole natural process of converting to T3, while taking T3 the conversion does not occur. This conversion is essential for the proper functioning of the body. The use of T4 combined with hgh and testosterone therefore allows for much better results than the use of anabolics alone. The gains will be of higher quality and will persist over time. We can of course add the use of insulin to the mixtures, however, this remains reserved for high-level practitioners. T4 being relatively milder than T3, the ideal would be to start with and regularly carry out blood tests to check the state of your thyroid, however, you can of course use T3, but in this case, it You will have to be very rigorous and imperatively carry out blood tests, given the sensitivity of the thyroid gland.

Cycle Dosages and Length

The dosage of thyroid hormone T4 will depend on the use you want to make of it. When used with growth hormone, in general the ideal dose ranges between 75 and 200mcg of T4. Again, the dosage is unique to each person and should be adjusted based on blood tests.If you want to promote fat loss slowly or maintain your current condition, a dosage of 100-150mcg of T4 thyroid hormone is sufficient, however, for more extensive fat loss, the dosage can be increased up to 300mcg easily . According to studies, it would seem that even after a long period of administration of T4/T3, the gland resumes its natural production after a few weeks, this strongly depending on the length of the cycle. However, in some cases, the levels were only raised to the low limit, so care should be taken with their use and taking breaks. The ideal would be to do cycles of 6 to 12 weeks and take breaks of at least 4 weeks. The purchase of T3 cytomel or T4 online should not exempt you from following the rules prescribed by your usual pharmacist.

Positive Side Effects

Thyroid hormones are known in bodybuilding to be particularly effective fat burners. They speed up the metabolism, so the body burns more calories. When combined with other molecules like Clenbuterol, the results can be impressive. However, the major problem being that these hormones can also attack the muscles, so it will be necessary to use anabolics to protect the muscle, at least from testosterone. The higher the T4 dosage, the higher the dose of testosterone should be. Among the side effects linked to an overdose, we find symptoms, such as insomnia, tachycardia, tremors, fever, excitability, if these effects persist for too long, the dosage should be lowered.At low doses, 100mcg and less, T4 seems to have a positive impact on anabolism and protein synthesis, without causing any side effects, moreover, it would potentiate the effects of growth hormone and hormone. 'igf 1. Uni pharma's T4 thyroid hormone can have long-term damage to the heart at high doses, hence the importance of taking regular breaks. Similarly, whatever the hormones and their positive effects, it is essential to carry out regular blood tests, especially with a hormone such as the thyroid.


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