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1 x box of 60 caps

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows all over the world, having many health benefits. Used for centuries in Indian and Chinese medicine, Tribulus is native to warm, tropical regions of Europe, Asia and Africa and is able to withstand arid and dry conditions. This plant has been used for over 3000 years to relieve certain conditions, such as insomnia, stress, immune system disorders and to improve heart and sexual function.

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In which cases to use Tribulus de Himalaya?

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the products used by Chinese and Indian medicine. This product greatly helps to improve overall sexual health and helps support the health of all body organs more generally. Indeed, Tribulus has effects on androgen receptors in the brain and helps increase testosterone levels in the body. It can be used during a cycle of steroids, in order to avoid the harmful effects of the latter, such as sexual impotence, hypercholesterolemia, … Its use can be carried out in post-cycle, since it makes it possible to restart the natural production of testosterone and increase its level in the body.

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How and when to take Tribulus Terrestris by Himalaya?

It is advisable not to exceed the recommended dosage of Tribulus Terrestris, so as not to run unnecessary health risks. The daily dose of Tribulus is 1 pill 2 times a day, preferably before meals in the morning and in the evening.

Also, it is essential to be regular in taking Tribulus Terrestris in order to observe results.

Positive and negative effects of Tribulus

Tribulus de Himalaya offers a lot of benefits when used during an anabolic steroid cycle, since these generally have negative effects on the sexual function of the user. In addition, the use of these products also causes damage to the circulatory function. The use of this molecule promotes heart health.

Other benefits are noticeable with the use of this product. Thus, it improves the functioning of the kidneys thanks to its properties as a natural diuretic. Concerning the sexual functions, it allows to increase the level of libido and to fight against sexual impotence. The quantity and quality of sperm is thus improved.

Its use in post-cycle promotes the restoration of a normal level of testosterone. Studies have shown that it can increase testosterone levels by around 20 to 30%.

In general, Tribulus has no side effects, since it is a natural plant, without any chemicals or additives harmful to health. However, in order to avoid possible negative effects, Tribulus Terrestris must be used in the right dosage and according to the recommendations, as is the case with all products. Also, an allergy to the product is possible although it only occurs in extremely rare cases.


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