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100mg/ml Drostanolone Propionate


Masteron Propionate: General Information

Maseron propionate 100 was developed and marketed in the 1970s by Syntex. It was widely used with success to treat breast cancer in women. It is a fairly well-known steroid in the world of bodybuilding and sports, especially for cutting phases. It has the specificity of adding a hardening effect to the muscles in people who already have a fairly low body fat level. It obviously increases protein synthesis, but also muscle strength. Finally, it has anti-estrogen properties, which can be especially useful in cycles where weak aromatizing steroids are used. It was first developed attached to a propionate ester, then, following strong demand from the bodybuilding world, we saw drostanolone attached to an enanthate ester, however, this version comes 100% from clandestine laboratories, no pharmaceutical laboratory the fabric. Drostanolone propionate is of course available from us, sold in 10ml vials containing 100mg/ml of this molecule. This product is of course available on our website: to get it, simply add it to your basket and confirm your order. Once done, you will be offered to make the payment, either by bitcoins, money transfer or bank transfer. Payment by bitcoins will not cost you any fees: it is completely anonymous and secure, moreover, payment is made instantly by credit card.For the western union or money gram money transfer, it will be necessary to go to an agency, since online payment can sometimes be a problem. Finally, for the bank transfer, more or less high fees will be charged depending on your bank. Once the funds have been received by our team, your package will be immediately packed and shipped from the European Union, so that it is delivered to your home within one week. In rare cases, packages do not arrive at their destination: they may be misplaced in the post or simply lost. We obviously make the commitment to reship your package at our expense in these cases. If you have any questions, you can contact us via our e-mail support available 7 days a week.

How to Use Masteron Propionate?

Drostanolone di propionate, in view of its ester and its properties, is most often used in cutting phases. This is when we can best exploit the potential of this product. It is also necessary to have a fairly low fat mass rate to be able to take advantage of the hardening effect (less than 10% in general). Masteron is most often combined with other fast-acting molecules like testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, and possibly winstrol. This mixture, quite famous in the world of bodybuilding, is used by a large number of competitors in the last 2-3 months before a competition. This product can also be used to decrease the dose of other potentially dangerous high dose anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone. If you combine masteron with trenbolone, it will allow you to lower the dose of trenbolone, without losing effectiveness, but reducing side effects. Some athletes, outside of bodybuilding, use drostanolone heavily, especially in combat and strength sports.It provides help with muscle strength, without causing weight gain: this allows all these competitors to gain strength, without changing weight categories.

List Of Positive Effects

Although mastéron propionate is not suitable for mass gain phases, it can still provide positive effects on the muscle, when the dosage is high enough. It is often compared to primobolan depot on this aspect. The gains will not be very spectacular but will remain quite clean, other steroids will be much more effective in this regard. Where mastéron propionate can be very interesting is during a dry phase. It is necessary to have a fairly low fat mass rate in order to make the best use of this molecule. In this case, it will bring very good results: the muscle will have a harder and drier appearance, in particular thanks to the anti-estrogen effect which will bring a plus in this regard. During the last weeks of a dry phase, it will also remove the very last traces of fat that are struggling to disappear. Another interesting aspect of this product is that it has the ability to increase muscle strength, where the majority of individuals lose a lot of strength in the cutting phase. Drostanolone propionate will allow you to maintain it in the event that the dosage is sufficient, mentally, this can greatly help the athlete. Finally, this product has an additive effect with certain anabolic steroids, in the sense that it will lower the dosage of molecules that are used together, without losing effectiveness. It combines very well with testosterone, dianabol and trenbolone. When you buy masteron, you will get a quality product much cheaper than a product like anavar, but with quite similar effects.Our website of course offers the best anabolics for bodybuilding.

Cycle Dosages For Beginners

For a beginner, the dosage of masteron will vary depending on several factors. In the case where the use is made alone, without the addition of any anabolic steroid, although I do not recommend this use, the dosage must be high enough in order to benefit from effects on the muscle of the order of 400-600mg per week minimum during the cycle. Nevertheless, the ideal would be to combine it with at least one other anabolic steroid like dianabol. In the case where it is combined with several molecules and the additive effect is desired, a dose of the order of 300-500mg per week may be sufficient. For a slightly more experienced user, or even competitors, we can dose between 500 and 700mg per week. It can also be combined with testosterone, in the case of the beginner, the use of masteron will not have much interest in exceeding 8 weeks. A cutting cycle of testosterone propionate at 400-500mg per week, added to 300-400mg of drostanolone di propionate 100, can bring good results in an individual new to anabolic steroids. Be careful, however, not to overdose this product, because it is known to be particularly harmful to the scalp, the acceleration of hair loss will be almost immediate in predestined people. Likewise, it will noticeably affect your cholesterol level: it will have the effect of lowering the good HDL cholesterol and increasing the bad LDL, so it is necessary not to prolong the cycles and to carry out a revival at the end of each cure of masteron, because like any anabolic steroid, this molecule leads to a certain suppression of natural production.


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