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50mg/ml Oxymetholone



Buy Oxymetholone Online

Oxymetholone, better known as anadrol, is one of the strongest anabolic steroids on the market. It was developed in the 1960s to treat anemia and other diseases such as osteoporosis. Subsequently, its use was quickly diverted and used in the world of sport and more particularly in bodybuilding and strength sports related to bodybuilding. It is a molecule that has the ability to provide incredible mass and strength gains in a very short period of time. In terms of effects, it is quite similar to the famous dianabol, except that it is more powerful than the latter and the side effects will be more significant. Originally available in oral form, oxymetholone is very toxic, so its use is often limited to a maximum of 4-6 weeks. We have therefore developed an injectable form, thus making it possible to reduce liver toxicity: although it is still toxic in this form, it is not as toxic as in oral form, moreover, assimilation by the intramuscular route is much more effective than the oral route. Oxyject 50mg is therefore sold in 10ml vials of oily solution, containing 50mg per ml of anadrol. It is a pharmaceutical grade product manufactured by Valkyrie pharmaceutical, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and purity. Buying injectable oxymetholone should no longer be a problem thanks to our online platform, allowing you to easily buy the best steroids on the market.

Cycle Results

You can find many anadrol 50 cure logs available on the internet.What you notice first with the majority of users is the incredible muscle mass gain in just 2-3 weeks. It is not uncommon to gain 2 to 6 kg during this period of time, likewise, at the end of the cycles, we get by easily with at least +10 kg. Muscle strength will be greatly impacted and your performance will soar. Depending on your diet, your training, but also your genetics, part of the weight created will be due to water retention. This varies according to your rigor in the diet and the protections used, but in general, this water retention disappears quite quickly at the end of the cycle, thus revealing all the muscle created. This molecule has the particularity of stimulating the production of igf 1 , thus, by associating it with a molecule like trenbolone and testosterone, you will have there a powerful mixture strongly stimulating the igf 1 , add to that the anabolic power of trenbolone and you will have there a cycle which will allow you to build an incredible amount of muscle mass in a time span of just a few weeks. Although oxymetholone does cause some side effects, the majority of them are easily controllable, so you don't have to worry when deciding to buy oxymetholone.

Dosage For Beginners And Experienced Bodybuilders

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur/professional bodybuilder, the dosage of oxymetholone should be taken with a grain of salt: it is an extremely powerful product that is felt very quickly. The appearance of side effects can quickly occur and become very restrictive. First of all, for a beginner, before considering any use of anadrol, it is essential to have tried dianabol before, which is the softer version.In the present case, the individual can then use the product at a dosage of 50mg per day, in order to test his tolerance and possibly push the dosage to 100mg, if the effects remain tolerable, nevertheless, from 100mg, more side effects appear and can quickly become very troublesome. For an experienced bodybuilder, we can then go up to dosages of up to 150-200mg, however, beyond 150mg, there is not really a big difference in terms of the effects. It is essential not to exceed 4-6 weeks of use of this molecule, even in its injectable form: the liver toxicity being quite strong, care must be taken not to create a permanent lesion in the liver. If you buy injectable oxymetholone, this should not exempt you from using this product with precaution, it is important to respect the recommended dosages.

Cycle Dosage Information

During an oxymetholone cycle, it is important to adjust the dosage according to the other molecules present in your cycle: the more molecules you use, the lower the dosage will need to be, since the anabolics are molecules that work synergistically. For example, during a cycle of testosterone, trenbolone boldenone and anadrol, a maximum dosage of 50 to 100mg of oxymetholone will be more than sufficient: anadrol and trenbolone synergistically stimulate the igf 1, moreover, they are add very well with testosterone and boldenone. Such a cycle can allow incredible muscle gains. This molecule is most often used as a kickstart, that is to say that it will aim to make you feel the effects in just a few days, while the various steroids behind take effect. In general, a kickstart does not extend beyond 4-6 weeks, 4 weeks being of course ideal, in order not to saturate the hepatic system too much.The dosages do not vary: whether in injectable or oral form, the quantity of product in each tablet is equivalent to that in liquid form.

Side Effects Of Anadrol In Bodybuilding

Anadrol, given its anabolic potency, can of course cause some side effects. Of course, like the majority of molecules, its effects can be controlled, even minimized, it suffices to respect certain rules, not to overdose the dosages, to respect the durations of cycle, to rest and to take the adequate protections . First of all, it is an extremely toxic anabolic for the liver: therefore, avoid exceeding 4-6 weeks of use, a liver in poor condition is immediately felt by severe fatigue, a lack of energy, loss of appetite, but also difficulty in assimilating proteins, etc. Due to its estrogenic nature, anadrol can cause the appearance of gynecomastia in some cases, as well as excess water retention which can, in turn, cause an increase in blood pressure. It will therefore be necessary to use an aromatase inhibitor and to carry out blood tests, in order to better control its estrogen level. This steroid will also negatively impact your cholesterol level: it will contribute to the increase of bad cholesterol (LDL) and the decrease of good (HDL), in the long run, this cholesterol can accumulate in the arteries and cause the appearance of certain cardiovascular problems. The use of food supplements, such as red yeast rice, omega 3, but also a diet rich in essential fats can alleviate this problem, however, the most important thing being to limit the duration of the cycle and to take phases of rest for a period at least equal to that of your cycle (including recovery).Acne, oily skin and accelerated hair loss are common side effects of all steroids. Oxymetholone will also cause a suppression of endogenous testosterone production: it will therefore be necessary to carry out a recovery protocol at the end of the cycle, in which case you run the risk of suffering many adverse effects linked to a hormonal crash, such as such as depression, loss of motivation, libido/erection disorders, muscle wasting, fat gain, etc.

How To Buy Oxymetholone 50 Online In France

Oxymetholone 50mg is an anabolic steroid that enjoys a fairly large popularity, almost as much as dianabol, therefore it has become quite easy to obtain it on the internet market, as many laboratories have started to produce it. However, many sites remain dishonest and only offer you to buy oxymetholone of poor quality or under-dosed, or even sometimes completely "fake". With us, you have nothing to fear: our products are manufactured by major laboratories, guaranteeing pharmaceutical quality, they are manufactured under the supervision of numerous experts. Thus, you can purchase oxymetholone online, via our website: all you have to do is add the product to your basket and confirm your order. You can then proceed to the payment via several means which are proposed to you. We strongly recommend payment by bitcoins, because it remains by far the most advantageous, both for you and for us: it will not cost you any fees, payment is made instantly by credit card, it is completely anonymous and 100 % secured.You can of course make the usual money transfer via western union or money gram or bank transfer, in these 3 cases, more or less high fees will be charged to you, in addition, the time for receipt of funds varies from 12 to 48 hours for the transfer and several days for the transfer. Once the payment has reached us, we will prepare your package and ship it from the European Union, this way it can be delivered safely to your home, within about a week. Any package that is not delivered will of course be reshipped at our expense. You can of course send us all your questions via our e-mail support intended to answer you within 12 hours maximum.


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