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100mg/ml Primobolan Enanthate



Primobolan Enanthate: Steroid Profile

Methenolone enanthate is a famous anabolic steroid developed in the 60s by the company Bayer Schering. Its reputation quickly took off when Arnold described it as one of his favorite steroids. Nevertheless, primobolan 100 remains in itself a fairly light anabolic steroid, on the other hand, it is one of the mildest in terms of side effects and certainly one of the best tolerated by athletes. Originally used to treat certain patients with muscle diseases and osteoporosis, it was quickly diverted from use and frequently used in bodybuilding. Primobolan depot is the injectable version attached to an enanthate ester. The first version developed was oral and attached to a fast ester, acetate. This product is sold in low concentration, it is available from us, just like a wide range of anabolic steroids. Sold in the form of 10ml vials containing 100mg/ml, it is a pharmaceutical quality product with supporting laboratory analyses. In order to purchase this product, simply go through our website and add it to your basket. Once this step has been completed and the order has been validated, you can then proceed to payment via one of the four payment methods available. Payment by bitcoins is by far the most advantageous: it is fast (instant payment by credit card), it is 100% secure, anonymous and untraceable, moreover, it will not cost you any fees, since we will take them into account. charge.For the more accustomed, you can make the western union/money gram money transfer or simply the bank transfer, however, for these methods, you will be charged fees and a delay in receiving funds may vary from several days. Once the funds have been received, we will prepare and ship your package directly from the European Union, so that it arrives at your doorstep within approximately one week. If your package does not arrive at its destination, it will of course be reshipped at our expense, but only if it has been lost or has not been delivered or part of the package has been damaged. (subject to proof on your part). E-mail support is available to answer any of your questions within 12 hours maximum and available 7 days a week.

Primobolan For Bodybuilding

Primobolan is heavily used for bodybuilding, however it is not an extremely powerful anabolic, other steroids will be much more effective in gaining muscle. On the other hand, its high tolerance by the majority of individuals and its low side effects profile make this molecule an ideal choice for any beginner or for an athlete wishing to add a molecule without increasing the side effects. It was often thought to be a weak anabolic steroid on its own, the problem was that it was the users dosage that was low. At 200-400mg, the results will obviously not be spectacular, but at dosages of the order of 600-800mg per week, primobolan can bring good results. Very mild in terms of side effects, methenolone enanthate can provide a plus for practitioners who are sensitive to side effects and do not wish to use other molecules.It also allows the increase of athletic qualities, such as strength and speed, if adequate training is followed. Thus, many athletes in strength/combat sports and other contact sports use it during their preparation, coupled with bodybuilding, the majority of them not wishing to gain weight (given the weight categories or their position depending on the sport). Primobolan will allow them to minimize weight gain but will provide them with the most they need in order to perform better. Being a rather expensive molecule to manufacture, it is sometimes difficult to obtain real primo, rare are the reliable steroid sites like ours. You can buy winstrol in the UK as well as other pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids.

Primobolan Benefits

The main advantage of primobolan remains of course its almost non-existent side effects profile, moreover, in terms of positive effects, like any anabolic steroid, it has the ability to increase protein synthesis, as well as the retention of nitrogen in the muscle, thus leading to the rapid increase in muscle mass. The increase in the number of red blood cells will also increase muscular endurance tenfold. Like any anabolic, the combination of all these effects, also associated with the inhibition of glucocorticoids (stress hormones) will put the body in an environment conducive to muscle building. One of the benefits is also its very low estrogenic activity, so primo will cause absolutely no water retention. The slightest kg of mass gained using this molecule will be purely muscle tissue.In terms of cutting phases, methenolone enanthate can also be a very good choice: it has the ability to easily protect existing muscle tissue, in the event of caloric restriction, but also to allow you to burn more mass more quickly, due to the acceleration of the metabolism. If your fat mass level is already quite low, you may notice that your muscles will look harder, denser when taking primobolan. Although it has all these advantages, primo remains one of the most expensive anabolic steroids. Some, not having the means to obtain it, turn to mastéron, quite similar in terms of positive effects, but much more aggressive in terms of side effects. You can also combine primo with proviron 20mg.

Primobolan Cycle For Beginners

You should know that beginners necessarily have a lot of reluctance and hesitation before starting a cycle of anabolic steroids: some are afraid of the needle, in this case they must be directed to an oral steroid, however, these have liver risks. Others will be reluctant vis-à-vis the side effects of certain molecules, but also because of what can be seen on the internet: some sites exaggerate a lot about the side effects of anabolics. Where primobolan 100mg comes in is with the beginner. This is surely the best possible steroid for a reluctant beginner: it has almost no side effects and is without a doubt one of the mildest anabolics available. In addition, it exists in oral form, even if the injectable form remains the most effective. Before performing a primobolan cycle, it is still necessary to have a certain level and years of serious bodybuilding behind you, otherwise you will be wasting a large part of your potential.Age, lifestyle, rigor in training and weight / height are of course to be taken into account. Methenolone enanthate, when used alone, still requires a fairly large dosage in order to derive benefits. For a beginner, a dosage of around 500mg/week can bring good results, while being very mild on the side effects.

Side effects

Primobolan, although a very mild steroid, has similar side effects to other anabolic steroids, but will be much less pronounced on this molecule. Primobolan can firstly cause, in certain sensitive individuals, the appearance of acne and oily skin and also accelerate hair loss in predisposed people (one of the side effects responsible for the reluctance of many individuals). Methenolone will also have a negative impact on cholesterol, even greater impact than testosterone, but much lower than any oral steroid. It will promote the increase of bad LDL cholesterol and decrease the good HDL cholesterol, in the long term, this can accumulate in the arteries and cause the appearance of certain cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore important not to extend primobolan cycles too long, just like any anabolic steroid cycle. Similarly, it is essential to rest between each cycle. Finally, like any anabolic steroid, it is suppressive of the natural production of testosterone, certainly to a much lower degree than the majority of molecules, nevertheless the suppression is present and therefore requires performing post-cycle therapy at the end of your treatment.The use of selective estrogen receptor modulators will be necessary, just as adding the use of hcg in small doses during your cycle can help maintain a minimum of testicular activity and therefore facilitate recovery. However, when this molecule is used alone, there should be no difficulty in boosting.


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