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Oral Winstrol Tablets: Steroid Profile

Stanozolol, better known as winstrol, is an anabolic steroid that enjoys an important reputation in the world, almost as much as testosterone and dianabol. Developed in the 1950s by Winthrop Laboratories, it was originally used as a therapeutic treatment for people suffering from burns, osteoporosis and other muscle diseases. It was only later that the reputation of this molecule took a springboard, when Ben Johnson, a sprinter who won the gold medal at the Olympic Games, was tested positive for stanozolol, following his victory. The scandal was such that as a result, winstrol became famous throughout the world. Since then, it has been widely used by athletes of all sports and specifically in bodybuilding and athletic disciplines. Bodybuilding enthusiasts often use it during their cutting cycle or in the last weeks of a cut, in order to add quality to the muscles and eliminate the last traces of fat. Oral Winstrol is sold in 10mg tablets, 100mg sachets, and manufactured by Valkyrie pharmaceutical. To obtain winstrol tablets, just like for the majority of other existing molecules, you just have to go through our website which offers you to buy steroids in France very easily. All our products are certified by laboratory analyses, thus guaranteeing a product of pharmaceutical quality and unequaled purity. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is add all the products you want to your basket, then confirm your order.Follow the instructions that will be provided to you, in order to proceed with the payment, as soon as the sum of money is received, your package will be immediately dispatched. All of our packages are shipped from the European Union and will reach your location within approximately one week.

How To Use Winstrol?

The use of winstrol can be done in several ways: at the beginning of a cycle, as a kickstart, so as to provide effects quickly, the time that the long esters take effect, or at the end of a cycle, especially during cutting cycles, to boost fat loss and increase muscle definition. Finally, it can of course be used alone in a beginner cycle. The winny must be taken every day at the same time preferably, moreover, the cycles should not exceed 6 weeks as a precaution, given the liver toxicity of the molecule. This product can of course be combined with many molecules: in the cutting phase, a mixture that is often found is the association of stanozolol with testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate and possibly mastéron, the idea would be to add oral winstrol to this mixture in the last weeks of your cut, which allows incredible results, if a suitable diet is followed.

Winstrol Results: Before And After

Winstrol is a steroid known to be effective when it comes to performance. The various athletes who have used it for this purpose are very satisfied with it: among sprinters for example, it improves speed and therefore saves time on the various events, it also increases the strength and power of its user, without greatly increasing its mass. This is an asset that has made it widely used by athletes who need to stay in their weight category.Finally, among bodybuilders and bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is used during cutting phases: with a caloric deficit, the gain in strength it provides is always important, moreover, it helps to reduce fat intake as much as possible. . In some beginners, winstrol has provided good results. Most of the gains attributed to anabolic steroids obviously depend on diet and training, so we have seen individuals gain nearly 4-5kg during a cycle of stanozolol, which is still enormous in view of this product. This is of course possible, but quite difficult, insofar as it will be necessary to have a diet very rich in calories and adapted training.

Winstrol Vs Turinabol

Turinabol and winstrol are two quite different molecules that cannot really be compared. The tbol, ​​similar to dianabol, will provide a gain in mass and muscles clearly superior to winstrol, it will also increase the strength and muscular endurance. Stanozolol, on the other hand, will be much more effective in increasing muscle strength, speed and power, but without causing as much weight gain as with turinabol. In addition, Winstrol 10mg has an advantage over turinabol: it has the property of significantly lowering shbg and therefore making more testosterone available for muscle tissue, this is a significant positive effect. Finally, stanozolol is generally relatively less expensive than oral tbol and much more suitable for athletes. The same is true for side effects: winstrol will tend to be more aggressive on cholesterol and on the scalp.

Winstrol Benefits For Bodybuilders

Winstrol tablets has several benefits for bodybuilders. First of all, it allows a gain in strength: during a cut, the individual being in a calorie deficit, the strength tends to drop sharply.As a result, this can have a strong impact on the morale of the athlete and his progress. The increase in strength due to winstrol can help alleviate this problem. It allows of course, in a bodybuilder with an already low fat level, to significantly improve muscle definition and help remove the last traces of fat that persist, an effect that the majority of anabolics have, but where stanozolol is much more effective is its ability to lower shbg: this glycoprotein binds to testosterone and estrogen and prevents them from being used by the body. You should know that almost 40% of the testosterone in our body is linked to shbg, so winstrol has the incredible ability, with a dose as low as 20mg, to lower shbg by almost 50%. As a result, more testosterone will be available to the muscles.

List Of Negative Side Effects

Like any anabolic steroid, stanozolol can cause the appearance of side effects. First of all, being 17 alpha alkylated, winstrol is potentially toxic for the hepatic system, therefore, it is necessary to limit the intake to approximately 6 weeks, to avoid any risk of permanent damage. Stanozolol will of course cause acne and oily skin, but it is also very harsh on accelerating hair loss. A modification of the lipid profile is also possible with a decrease in hdl cholesterol and an increase in ldl. Again, limiting cycles and taking regular breaks between each allows the body to rest and readjust cholesterol, as well as a healthy diet is paramount. Like any anabolic, winstrol has the undesirable effect of being suppressive of endogenous testosterone production, therefore it is necessary, at the end of any cycle, to perform post cycle therapy, more commonly known as RELAUNCH.For this, it is necessary to make use of selective estrogen receptor modulators, such as nolvadex and clomid and, depending on your cycle, possibly hcg.

Valkyrie Manufacturer Information

Valkyrie pharmaceuticals is a steroid manufacturer that has been in the market for many years and is renowned for its quality products. Each molecule, winstrol tablets included, is manufactured under expert control and by sophisticated equipment guaranteeing a quality product. The majority of anabolic manufacturers, apart from pharmaceutical companies, offer a range of steroids that vary randomly, that is to say, you can very well get a very well dosed batch, as you can get a product under – dosed, this allowing laboratories to save a lot on their production and at the same time to have quality products. It is enough that you buy several molecules at once, some will be of good quality and well dosed and will give you the desired effects, while others will have no effect, but you will still be satisfied by the molecules that are are found to be compliant. At Valkyrie, these methods do not suit us. Each of our products is dosed exactly as indicated on the label. In each winstrol tablet, there is 10mg of active substance, moreover, there is no batch problem: whatever the period when you order, the product will be identical. We prefer to bet on quality, even if it means spending more, in order to satisfy our customers. A unique feature of Valkyrie is that we also offer unique mixtures and molecules. This is the case of trenbolone base, for example, which only exists in France. You can therefore have access to stanozolol of the same quality as that used by Ben Johnson, which allowed him to break the record.


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