Vial of Sterile Oil 10ML


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10ml Vial

Feature :

1% Benzyl Alcohol

10% Benzyl Benzoate

49.5% Vegetable Oils

39.5% Ethyl Oleate

About Sterile Oil

If you are keen to develop unique formulas and solutions for your individual use, or simply dilute a given compound further, you will need to purchase sterile oil for injection. The latter can be used safely and effectively, in order to prepare personalized solutions, to combine certain products or to reduce their concentration.

Sterile oil is a very good adjuvant for first-time users who will use it to dilute overly potent preparations, or for more experienced users, who may wish to prepare custom solutions, to reduce the need for separate administrations of several products.
Due to its sterility, this item is also very useful in reducing the risk of administration-related events such as injection site infections and other similar problems. So if you need a safe way to mix a set of products, or reduce some of their potency, this item can be an easy addition.

How to dilute the oil?

As mentioned above, the use of sterile oil for injection is mainly intended to reduce the concentration of a given product or to make certain mixtures. Using the compound for this purpose, one will need a syringe, which must also be sterile, in order to be able to inject a quantity of oil into an ampule of a product.
For this method, you must first make sure that there is enough space for such an additional sterile oil, in order to avoid the spillage of the final solution which may thus occur.
Otherwise, the mixture is mixed in a new container, an ampoule or a vial which must also be sterile.

This method can also be used to create a compound that has a new concentration of active ingredient that the user can include in their regimen for optimal aesthetic and physical results. It can also be particularly useful for all users, who may need a significant reduction in the concentration of certain products, in order to avoid their negative impacts.
Sterile oil is for sale on our site and buying it is very simple. We also offer several payment methods for your convenience.


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