Water for Injection (5ml)


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1 vial x 5ml

Bacteriostatic Water for Injection (5ML)

Buy Bacteriostatic Water For Injection

Bacteriostatic water is sterile water that can be used to reconstitute injectable solutions. Its composition contains alcohol which allows the solutions to be kept longer without suffering damage or denaturation. Using 5 ml of water for injections thus guarantees the asepsis of the injections and allows them to be stored for up to 4 weeks after reconstitution. This form of water is very often used and highly sought after because of its rarity on the market. The majority of sellers of anabolic products do not sell it, especially in France, where you have to go through the purchase on the internet to get it. On our site you will have the opportunity to buy this water for injection. The 5 ml capacity is very practical to use and avoids waste, since once opened, it expires after 4 weeks. On our page, you have the option of adding this product to your basket and then confirming your order. Payment can be made in different ways. It is sure that Bitcoins are one of the most recommended ways. Moreover, we explain this method to you in a tutorial video on our homepage. Payment with other means is 100% secure and very easy for users. Your purchases will normally reach you very quickly after the collection of the sum of the purchases by our services.

How To Use Water For Injection?

Buying bacteriostatic water is very useful in the bodybuilding world when doing steroid cycles. Indeed, it allows you to keep certain hormones longer and thus make the most of the purchased product.One of the most common uses is its use for the preservation of HCG, which is usually stacked, especially with potent steroids, to maintain testicular function and allow the hypothalamic-pituitary axis to recover more quickly. Its marketing form is to mix with water. The purchase of water for injection 5 ml allows it to be kept for a long time in the fridge. Many other peptide products must be mixed with this water in order to keep. However, obtaining bacteriostatic water for injection in France remains a bit difficult. By going through our site, this problem is solved, since you just have to order it online and you will receive it at home in the following days.


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