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100mg/ml Primobolan Enanthate



Buy Primobolan 100mg Injection

Primobolan 100 is the trade name for methenolone which is actually an anabolic steroid. It is available in two forms of presentation: an injectable oily form and an oral form. This compound is very popular in the circle of bodybuilders and bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, due to its mild androgenic and anabolic properties. Its anabolic strength is quite weak and even weaker than testosterone itself. Buying Primobolan is very interesting, especially for its use during cutting cycles. In other words, it allows during these cycles the preservation of the lean muscle mass already present, more than the gain of a new material. It is almost never used during an inflation cycle. Buying Primobolan depot is very advantageous on our site, because our prices are the best on the market. The purchase of steroids in France can be done on our site in a simple and secure way, because this very popular product has been withdrawn from sale since 1990, because of the anti-steroid wave in the media. Only a small number of countries are still selling it, such as Spain, Turkey, Japan, Paraguay and Ecuador.

List of Positive and Negative Effects

Buying Primobolan depot was only possible in 1962 with the marketing by the Schering company of Methenolone Enanthate which is the injectable form, as well as Methenolone Acetate which is the oral form on the American market. This product has been indicated in the medical field to treat very severe weight loss, as well as amyotrophy caused by certain pathologies.It has also been used as an immunostimulant in certain conditions, such as infections, sarcopenia and osteoporosis. It counteracts the harmful effects of corticosteroid therapy. It has even been used in infants and newborns, to promote weight gain. The positive effects of Primobolan are numerous, due to the fact that this molecule has weak androgenic properties and does not cause side effects. If they occur, the side effects associated with its use are very mild. Primobolan is a DHT derivative that is not aromatizable, so one of the advantages of Primobolan is that its use does not cause estrogen-like side effects. Thus, one can avoid water retention, bloating, increased blood pressure and the development of breast tissue or gynecomastia. Its use is very interesting during fat loss cycles and even recommended for bodybuilders. Usually it is combined with other steroids and its use in isolation is unnecessary and does not provide the maximum benefit. You can purchase other products here. Buying Winstrol in France is thus possible via our portal. Buying Proviron online is also very profitable, given our unbeatable prices.

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Buying Primobolan depot is a very interesting option, because Primobolan 100mg is a mild anabolic steroid that is widely used in fat loss by bodybuilders. Purchasing Primobolan 100 is simple and secure. You can thus validate your order by validating your basket and proceeding to payment. Your purchases will reach you in the shortest possible time thanks to our quality services.


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