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Anavar 10mg Steroid Tablets Profile

Anavar is the trade name of a famous anabolic steroid available to buy online and developed in the 20th century. Oxandrolone, from the name of its molecule, is an anabolic sold in oral form, initially in dosages of only 2.5 and 5mg. Given the high cost of the product, the dosages used were not very high and therefore the effects were considered too weak at the time. It was only when we saw the appearance of 10, 20 and 25mg tablets that anavar could really show its potential. Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid which has the specificity of increasing the muscular strength of its user, via the increase in creatine phosphate contained in the muscle. It obviously increases protein synthesis but is not particularly effective for this, on the other hand, it is reputed to be effective in accelerating lipolysis and increasing the vascularization of its user. In addition, regarding side effects, it is one of the best tolerated products and among the mildest. However, it remains toxic to the liver at high doses. It is one of the most expensive anabolics on the market. It is ideal for a beginner or for athletes looking to gain performance, without increasing their body weight, and specifically for strength sports (powerlifting, weightlifting). Anavar 10 is a steroid manufactured by Valkyrie pharmaceuticals, sold in sachets containing 100 tablets of 10mg. In terms of effects, the steroid that comes closest to anavar is stanozolol, more commonly known as winstro.Although less expensive, many users prefer to turn to "winny", however, it should be noted that it is much more toxic to the liver than oxandrolone and much more harmful to the hair. Additionally, 'winny' does not have the same fat-burning ability as anavar, so it is often mistakenly compared to oxandrolone. In addition, it is a molecule very appreciated by women who are often afraid of having the virilization effects that often appear with other molecules.

Benefits of Using Anavar

Anavar of course has several advantages: first of all, it is sold in oral form, so there is no problem of having to inject it, moreover, even if it is in oral form, used in dosages reasonable, it is only slightly toxic to the liver. Its side effect profile is extremely low and it is not completely suppressive of natural production. During your cycle, oxandrolone will greatly improve the appearance of your physique by making it more veiny and drier, while muscle strength will increase significantly over the weeks. Finally, like any steroid, although more effective and less expensive, it will increase protein synthesis allowing you to build muscle mass faster. However, it is wiser to use this steroid as part of a cut rather than a mass gain. Studies have proven it to be more effective than testosterone in aiding fat loss. These effects require a minimum dosage: with 10mg of anavar, you will not have any side effects. Finally, strength is the specialty of this steroid which will have the ability to increase your muscle strength quite quickly and quite impressively, acting on creatine phosphate, supplementing with creatine during your cycle will help you take advantage of this even more. molecule.

Negative Effects Of Anavar Steroid

Although it is very mild in terms of side effects, when the doses administered are high as in experienced practitioners (100mg per day, or even more), anavar can obviously cause the appearance of certain undesirable effects: acne and skin fat, but also accelerated hair loss, increased transaminases, changes in cholesterol (increased ldl cholesterol and decreased hdl), testicular atrophy and suppression of natural testosterone production. The use of protection, associated with a follow-up protocol and an adapted lifestyle and diet, makes it possible to minimize or even avoid the majority of side effects. At high dosages, anavar suppresses natural production entirely (note that at 10mg per day, anavar is only mildly suppressive). It is therefore necessary, at the end of your cycle, to carry out a revival, in order to allow your body to reproduce testosterone naturally and, at the same time, to avoid a hormonal crash leading to a series of even worse side effects.

Information About Cycle Dosages And Length

First of all, if you plan to buy anavar online or even order winstrol, you should know that whatever the cycle and whatever your level, the use of anavar, just like winstrol , should never exceed 8 weeks of use, beyond that, the side effects will be much more present than the beneficial effects. In a beginner, for example, you can do a 6-week cycle at a dosage of 40-50mg per day, depending on weight and level, you can increase the dosage to 60-70. A slightly more experienced individual can combine testosterone (whatever the ester) with 70-80mg of anavar per day, this would bring very good muscle gains.Finally, for the more experienced, an ideal strength cycle would be the combination of testosterone with trenbolone and 100mg of anavar per day for 6 weeks, but be careful this time to control the state of your liver well throughout. your cycle. Oxandrolone can, subsequently, combine very well with molecules such as masteron in a cutting cycle or nandrolone in a mass cycle. Anavar is also one of the few molecules that can be used by women without too much risk of virilization: dosages of 20-30mg are largely sufficient.


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