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Sustanon: Summary

Sustanon is made up of 4 different types of testosterone ester each with a different release rate. It is surely one of the most used products in bodybuilding and sports in general. It was originally developed by the laboratories of the famous firm Organon and it was mainly indicated for the treatment of testosterone deficiencies in male individuals. Due to the 4 forms of esters that compose it, it thus allowed patients to reduce injection frequencies, while maintaining fairly stable plasma levels. Its use was quickly diverted as a substance to increase performance. Many pharmaceutical and clandestine laboratories have subsequently developed similar products with more capacity, this is the case of our product which is made of 36mg of testo propionate, 72mg of phenylpropionate, 72mg of isocaproate and finally 120mg decanoate. This product will not only allow a gain in muscle mass, but also an increase in physical performance. A strength athlete will see their strength greatly increased, just as a sprinter will see their speed increase. You can of course buy Sustanon online on our website. All our products are of pharmaceutical quality and are tested and certified by experts in the field. To make the purchase of Sustanon in France, it will be necessary to click on its corresponding box, so that it is directly incorporated into your shopping cart. The purchase of steroids for bodybuilding has experienced a very significant growth in recent years, as a result, many traders take advantage of this to scam novices.With us, you have nothing to worry about, all our customers are satisfied and you can consult their opinion on the most reputable French-speaking forums.

Cycle Dosages and Length

The Sustanon cycle is very often integrated with anabolic steroids. Testosterone should be used during cycles, in order to serve as a base and to maintain a correct libido. The dosage of the Sustanon cycle will of course depend on several parameters, the number of years of training, whether or not he has already taken anabolics and finally his weight / height and his tolerance for the molecule in question. For a beginner, in general 500mg per week for 10 weeks is more than enough and will allow you to obtain very good gains. We can combine a “kick start” like dianabol or winstrol to give effects quickly. For a slightly more advanced user, a Sustanon dosage of up to 750mg can be taken, where the gains will be very good and the negative impacts will be controlled. Finally, dosages of 1000mg and more will be the most effective, but will only be suitable for experienced users and performers. This molecule combines very well with the majority of anabolics, such as Nandrolone Decanoate and Dianabol, thus allowing an incredible muscle mass gain of around 10-15kg in 8-10 weeks, associated with a net increase in strength. However, one can encounter adverse consequences with these products, such as water retention. Among the most effective cycles in the world of bodybuilding, we find the use of Sustanon associated with Trenbolone and Anadrol. By acting in a complementary way, they will bring you considerable muscle gains, while limiting fat intake and water retention as much as possible.Considering the price of nandrolone decanoate and dianabol 10mg, you can easily have a Susta cycle with very high efficiency for a ridiculously low price.

Positive Effects of Sustanon

The positive effects of Sustanon are numerous. Indeed, this compound causes an increase in protein synthesis, as well as nitrogen retention in the muscle. There is also an inhibition of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which will put the body in an anabolic climate favorable to muscle gain. The benefits of Sustanon also include an improvement in the libido of its users, as well as their mood in general. The number of red blood cells produced will also be greater and will therefore increase endurance, just as the maximum strength will also be significantly increased. During a dry phase, this molecule will be particularly effective in preserving existing muscle tissue, the metabolism will be greatly increased and therefore the lipolysis much more pronounced, the body will find it easier to use fat reserves. Recovery will also be positively impacted by Sustanon, so workouts can be much longer lasting.

Side effects

Sustanon, like any substance taken in supra-physiological doses, can cause the appearance of certain negative effects. The majority of Sustanon side effects remain easily controllable. We can first of all evoke the conversion of male hormones into female hormones. Indeed, when the body detects a surplus of this hormone in the body, it will convert part of it into estradiol.An excess of estrogen will cause an increase in water retention, but above all a possible appearance of gynecomastia, therefore, it is important to have an anti-estrogen for your cycle, associated with blood tests , in order to keep your estrogen within the norm, because although an estrogen level that is too high is bad, the same is true for an estrogen level that is too low, which can cause joint pain or problems with libido/erection. Testosterone can also cause acne and oily skin, as well as accelerate hair loss in susceptible individuals. Finally, among the negative effects of Sustanon, there is the suppression of natural testosterone production, as a result, testicular atrophy may appear. The latter can be minimized by using HCG, so it will be very important to start a recovery at the end of each course of testosterone. This compound will also have a negative impact on your blood cholesterol levels. So be sure to follow a healthy diet. A diet composed of good lipids, coupled with the use of food supplements, can help to avoid some of these effects. You should know that the essential element to respect, in order to protect yourself from any problem, remains rest: your cycles should not extend beyond a period of about 3 months. In addition, the breaks between each cycle are essential and must be long enough.


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