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250mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate



Testosterone Cypionate: Summary

Testosterone is the most widely used anabolic steroid in sports and bodybuilding. This hormone was synthesized in the 1930s, at that time it was not attached to any ester, so it was very fast acting. A few years later, it was attached to a fast propionate ester, then in the 1950s, to a long ester: enanthate. It was a revolution for the treatment of patients on testosterone replacement therapy. The long esters allowed patients to significantly reduce injection frequency from several times a week to once every 10 days. Cypionate ester is an almost identical version of enanthate, it was only developed a few years later and has a slightly longer half-life: around 12 days compared to 8 to 10 for enanthate. Testosterone c250 was quickly diverted from its use and used in the world of sport and particularly in bodybuilding, in order to increase muscle mass. This hormone has the ability to greatly increase protein synthesis, as well as athletic qualities, such as strength, speed and power. It has allowed many athletes and bodybuilders to take a 'step' and completely change the physique of bodybuilders as soon as it was discovered. This product is available on our site in the form of 10ml vials containing 250mg per ml of testosterone cypionate. Ordering anabolics was somewhat difficult with the many customs controls, thanks to our shipping methods, you no longer have to worry about receiving your package.

How To Use For Bodybuilding?

Testosterone is the most used product in the world of bodybuilding. If you plan to perform an anabolic steroid cycle, it will be necessary for each cycle to have a testosterone base, in order to avoid certain side effects linked to certain molecules. It combines very well with the majority of molecules. For a long ester such as enanthate or cypionate, it will be necessary to frontload or add a kickstart to your cycle, in order to feel the effects of the product quickly enough, since testosterone cypionate can take up to 4 weeks to be felt. Naturally, this hormone can be used for any of your goals: whether you are bulking or cutting, it will adapt perfectly to your goals, likewise, in strength athletes, it will increase strength considerably. muscular. Testosterone cypionate is of course exclusively sold in the form of vials intended for injections. Of course, testosterone can also be combined with growth hormone for better results.

Positive Effects

The positive effects of testosterone cypionate are obviously numerous: it is a hormone which is first of all responsible for the feeling of well-being, it also plays a role in libido and erections, it provides energy and the necessary motivation. Testosterone cypionate will allow you to significantly increase your muscle mass, if a suitable diet is followed or, if necessary, will allow you to reduce your fat mass while protecting your muscle tissue from catabolism. It will stimulate the production of IGF 1, inhibit the effect of stress hormones and significantly increase the production of red blood cells.The latter being responsible for the delivery of oxygen to the muscle: a larger quantity of O2 can be brought to the muscles and therefore muscular endurance will be increased tenfold. Your sessions will be more intense and more productive, your recovery capacity greatly improved. All this will lead to an increase in muscle mass in a fairly short period of time. It is not uncommon to gain between 6 to 10kg in the space of two months during a testosterone cure.

Dosage For Beginners And Experienced Users

Some precautions (about dosage) should be taken when performing a testosterone cypionate cycle. It is necessary to first test the tolerance of the individual if the latter has never carried out a testosterone cycle. For a beginner, it will obviously be necessary to take into account the number of years of bodybuilding training, as well as his weight, height, muscle mass / fat mass. It is of course useless and completely absurd to perform a testosterone cure, if you started bodybuilding only one or two years ago and you weigh 60-70kg. It is essential to try to get close to your maximum natural potential, in order to take full advantage of the effects of anabolic steroids. the ideal for a person who has never cycled anabolic steroids before would be that they reach a weight of at least +10-15kg more than their height and that their body fat percentage does not exceed 14 -16%, this is only an example, to give you an idea of ​​the level to reach before considering carrying out a testosterone cycle. Age obviously remains to be taken into account.In the case of a beginner, we generally recommend a dose of 500mg of testosterone cypionate per week for 8-10 weeks, at this dosage, individuals tolerate the side effects fairly well and the gains can be very good, from 6 to 10kg in 8 weeks, if the individual follows a suitable diet and training. For more experienced users, the dosage can be increased to 750 mg per week of testosterone cypionate and for the most seasoned and competitors / bodybuilders, the dosages can increase to 1000 mg, or even more, at this dosage, the side effects will necessarily be controlled using guards. The price of testosterone enanthate, like that of cypionate, is very low with us, unlike what competing sites offer you, yet the quality is better with us.

Side effects

Testosterone is a hormone that naturally induces the appearance of side effects. The problem being that with long esters like cypionate or enanthate, the side effects will only appear after several weeks, and in case an individual cannot tolerate these effects, they will have to wait several weeks for they disappear, however, testosterone remains relatively well tolerated by the majority of users, as long as the dose used is not excessive. Among the side effects, there is first of all the aromatization of testosterone cypionate into estrogen: an estrogen level that is too high can lead to excess water retention and the appearance of possible gynecomastia. It is therefore necessary to maintain its rate within the norms, using aromatase inhibitors and blood tests. Acne and oily skin, as well as accelerated hair loss, are fairly common effects of all anabolic steroids, for hair, it mainly affects individuals who are predisposed to it.La.modification of the lipid profile generally remains fairly benign with testosterone, it is nevertheless necessary to take blood samples regularly, in order to be sure. Finally, like any anabolic steroid, testosterone suppresses natural production, therefore, at the end of a cycle, it is highly recommended to perform post-cycle therapy, consisting of accelerating the revival of natural production, in which case the majority of gains will disappear, moreover, one could see the appearance of depression, loss of energy and motivation, libido / erection disorders. SERMs, selective estrogen receptor modulators, will quickly boost production, nolvadex and clomid remain the two most used drugs. Finally, to facilitate recovery and avoid excessive testicular atrophy, the use of hcg can strongly help to maintain a minimum of activity in the testicles (by mimicking the lh) and therefore to help the body to resume its production endogenous at the end of a cycle. It is also necessary to strictly follow the injection protocols, in order to avoid any post-injection pain which would be added to the already existing effects of testosterone cypionate.


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