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250mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate



Testosterone Enanthate:

Testosterone is undoubtedly the most widely used and among the most reputable anabolic steroid in the world. Attached to an enanthate ester, this is a slow release version. Synthesized in 1930 for the 1st time, it was not attached to any ester, thereafter, the first ester developed was testosterone propionate, nevertheless this one required from its user a rather important frequency of injection. It was not until 1950 that the enanthate version appeared, thus making it possible to inject much less often. Used to treat patients suffering from testosterone deficiency, it was quickly noticed and used in the world of sport and bodybuilding, particularly for its ability to increase muscle mass and performance. Indeed, this hormone has the ability to greatly increase the development of muscle mass, but also of different athletic qualities (this requires however to follow an adapted training), whether it is muscular strength, speed and/or power. It will help you recover, your training can be more intense and more productive, a feeling of well-being will appear, associated with an increase in libido. This product is available from us, manufactured by the Valkyrie pharmaceutical laboratory and sold in the form of 10ml vials containing 250mg/ml of testosterone. To obtain this product, simply go through our website and add the molecule to your basket. You can then proceed to the payment according to four available choices: bitcoins, bank transfer or western union/money gram money transfer.Payment by bitcoins remains the most advantageous for you and for us: it is done instantly, is 100% secure and anonymous, and it will not cost you any fees. Your package will be dispatched, once payment has been received, and will be sent to you from the European Union within approximately one week. Buying steroids was complicated in the past, now thanks to our services you can easily get them in record time.

Information On How To Inject Testosterone

Testosterone enanthate 250mg has a half-life of around 8-10 days. During a cycle, the ideal would therefore be to inject testosterone twice a week or every 3 days. Some patients on testosterone replacement therapy inject testosterone enanthate only once a week, or even once every 10 days, however, it would be better to inject testosterone enanthate twice a week if you consider performing a testosterone cycle. Sold in oily form in vials containing 10ml of product, it will be necessary to inject it preferably intramuscularly. For this, it is essential to respect the rules of hygiene, that is to say that you will have to carefully disinfect the operculum, as well as your skin, just as it will be necessary to use a needle to sample and a different needle for injection. This will save you from the risk of infections or abscesses requiring emergency surgery. The most effective injection sites, in order to diffuse the product, remain the gluteal muscle, the quadriceps and the deltoids.

Key Benefits: Why Choose Test Enanthate?

Testosterone Enanthate is surely one of the best choices as the basis of an anabolic steroid cycle: it will suit all users, whether you are a beginner or even a professional bodybuilder.As an anabolic steroid, this molecule will have the effect of increasing protein synthesis, as well as nitrogen retention in muscle tissue, as well as it will stimulate the production of igf 1, it will at the same time inhibit the glucocorticoids (stress hormone that breaks down muscle tissue). Thus, it will therefore put your body in an optimal anabolic environment. Similarly, one of the positive effects of testosterone enanthate is its ability to increase muscle strength: this is an advantage highly appreciated by users and especially beginners, in whom this effect will be much more pronounced. One of the advantages of testosterone is that it will increase the production of red blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen to the different muscles, so there will be a much greater quantity of oxygen available for the muscle, this will allow significantly increase muscle endurance.

Dosage Information

The dose of testosterone enanthate / cypionate must be adjusted according to several parameters: the level of the practitioner, his height / weight, his age and his experience in bodybuilding. In the case of a beginner who has never performed anabolic steroid cycles, a dosage of about 500mg per week of testosterone, for 8 to 10 weeks, will be more than enough and will allow very good gains (of the order of 6 to 10kg in two months).

We can possibly add the use of a kickstart, in order to have a feeling from the 1st week, the time that the enanthate ester takes effect, nevertheless, I recommend the use of a single molecule for beginners, to test his tolerance to this product. At this dosage, the side effects will remain mild. In a slightly more experienced user, the dosage of testosterone enanthate can be increased to 750mg per week, associated with other molecules of course.Finally, for the most seasoned, we can go up to 1000mg and more, these are dosages reserved for experienced athletes and competitors who already have a physique and a fairly extensive experience in anabolics, but at this stage, protections will be needed. Obviously, the dosage must vary according to the associated molecules: this is the case with trenbolone enanthate 200mg or sustanon for example.

Side effects

Testosterone enanthate can of course cause some negative effects, however most of these are easily controllable, this will of course depend on the dosage and individual tolerance. First of all, this hormone aromatizes, that is to say that when it is going to be injected, according to the profile of the person, the body will convert a certain part of this testosterone into a hormone which is called estrogen , an excess of estrogen will be the cause of significant water retention, but above all of a possible appearance of gynecomastia. It is therefore necessary to control this level of estrogen by making use of so-called aromatase inhibitors, such as arimidex or exemestane. Blood tests will be necessary, so as not to lower the estrogen level too low, as this could cause joint fragility, as well as libido/erection problems. Under testosterone treatment, it is quite common to see the appearance of acne and oily skin, this remains fairly benign and generally disappears over time, after a treatment. In some people predisposed to hair loss, it can also accelerate this phenomenon.Finally, it is suppressive of the natural production of testosterone: it will therefore be important, at the end of the cycle, to help the body to restart this production as quickly as possible, under penalty of seeing its gains disappear, as well as a whole series side effects linked to low testosterone levels (depression, fat gain, loss of erection/libido, lack of energy, fatigue, etc.). The use of selective estrogen receptor modulators, such as clomid and/or nolvadex, will be particularly useful in this regard. All these side effects of testosterone enanthate obviously remain to be taken with a grain of salt: they do not all appear at the same time, it is even very rare to be confronted with all the effects of enanthate from your 1st treatment.


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